Highlights of Croatia #2: Zadar, Split & Brac

Part two of my highlights from my travels in Croatia last year is here! Part 1 covered Zagreb, Karlovac and Plitvice Lakes. This second part is about the beautiful Croatian coastline.

First up is Zadar! I visited Zadar twice last year while travelling around Europe. It is a charming little city perched on a peninsular with plenty to see and do. The historic centre, with its red roofs and white towers, is very picturesque.

View from one of the aforementioned towers

If architecture or history is what you are in to you can find it all here. Roman, byzantine or Venetian the architecture is top notch!


But one of the main attractions in Zadar is neither historical nor architectural – it is in fact musical. The sea organ, located on a promenade with a fantastic view, uses the movement of the waves to push air through organ pipes set into the sea wall to produce some pretty amazing sounds. This is accompanied by a solar powered light show (think dance floor) to make a unique experience.

Te sea organ is set into these steps/seating
View from sea organ (yes that is a yellow submarine)

Next up was Split. Now I have to make a confession from the start that I didn’t much like Split. I found it to be dirty, smelly, tacky and over-priced. However, I will admit it has its beautiful parts.


Another great thing about Split is that ferries leave from here to many of the islands including the one I chose to visit: Brac.

Bol Harbour

I stayed in the little town of Bol on the island of Brac and I loved it! It was the end of September when I visited so the busy summer season was coming to an end and Bol was returning to being a sleepy fishing village. I really enjoyed sitting at a cafe by the harbour (pictured above) and watching the locals coming and going.

Lovely tree-lined walkway leading to Zlatni Rat

Walking along this tree lined walkway you arrive at Bol’s most famous attraction. Zaltni Rat is a spit of beach that stretches out into the water, changing shapes depending on the currents. What most people don’t realise is that it is a stone beach rather than a sandy one – but I loved it because you don’t leave feeling like you have sand in all the wrong places.

Zlatni Rat beach
Sunset at Zlatni Rat – stoney beach not sandy

Bol was my last proper stop on my European tour last year before heading back to Zadar for my flight. And what a way to finish. Despite catching a cold (was lovely and hot in the sun, but chilly in the shade which was not good after swimming), it was one of the best places I have visited and would highly recommend a visit.

Simply stunning sunset Bol, Brac – no filter needed
And the sunrise on the way to the ferry back to Split

Final words on the Croatian coastline: is becoming touristy and over priced but there are still lots of gems that make it worth it.

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