The Peak District, UK

A quick post to share a few photos of my brief visit to the Peak District this weekend:

My family and I have spent the weekend at a lovely little cottage just under the Roaches, a prominent rocky ridge, a perfect location for walking and exploring. I captured a few shots while out walking, but I have to say I am no photographer, so I have had some fun with photo editing.

Fantastic views
Trying to make the grey sky blue
Dramatic landscapes
The loneliest tree

I actually find the process of photo editing quite useful. Firstly, to draw out the essence of the picture, you really have to look at everything in the picture and find what it is you want to show. Why did you take this photo? What were you thinking about when you took it? Then you need to work out the best way to bring out these qualities through editing. I often use my landscape photography as inspiration for creative projects, so editing the photos helps me process the photos in preparation for that.


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