Valentine’s Day Special – Zagreb, Croatia

Back in September last year I spent several weeks in Croatia’s capital, Zagreb. There was something about this city I really fell in love with and as it’s valentine’s day, I thought I would share some of the love.

One of the things I liked the most about Zagreb was that every time I went into the city centre there seemed to be something different happening – from folk dancing to burger festivals, film screenings to farmers markets. I particularly enjoyed stumbling upon a couple of craft markets in the central square.


At one of these craft markets I found a stall selling a variety of handmade fabrics, mostly woven and many with lovely embroidery or lace detailing. I really love the heart pattern that is traditional in Zagreb, but ended up buying a more subtly decorative piece which I gave to my grandmother for Christmas.

I stood talking to the stall’s owner for several minutes as she described the different techniques and the time put into each piece. She clearly loved making this textiles and was happy to share her knowledge and experience with me.



I’m now back in the UK and planning my next trip. Just wondering how to fit a visit to Zagreb into my plans…


Happy Valentine’s Day


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