Handmade in Slovenia – A day in Ljubljana, part 2: Jewellery

In one day in Ljubljana I discovered so many amazing handmade items I couldn’t possibly fit them all into one blog post! So here is part 2 of Handmade in Slovenia:


Jewellery is always something that catches my eye as it not only showcases fantastic hand craft skills, but it is also the biggest temptation to buy something. I don’t have a house to buy ceramics for, but earrings…you can never have too many earrings!


My will power was tested by this selection of wood and acrylic jewellery by SUI. I was really tempted to buy some of these earrings, but unfortunately they didn’t have the colours I was looking for.


This photo doesn’t do justice to these fantastic necklaces by MATEiKA.

IMG_20160516_155828 (1)

On Mestni Trg I discovered a fantastic lace shop. Amongst the traditional white lace there were a few more unusual items that drew my attention, one of which was this necklace. The Idrija Lace Gallery is really a treasure trove, so whether you like traditional lace or something more unusual, you should definitely check it out.

Find it at Mestni Trg 17 and www.idrija-lace.com


These brooches (above and top picture) from Lesema are super. I particularly like this gold one.

Find at www.lesema.si




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