Eggs, Eggs, Eggs at Christmas in Salzburg

It might be May, but today felt like Christmas when I discovered this amazing shop n Salzburg. Christmas in Salzburg is stocked with a vast array of decorative eggs for Christmas, Easter, Halloween and year round decoration. Decorating eggs for Easter is a popular tradition in many parts of Europe. However, this shop extends this tradition and takes it to the extreme.


These colourful creations are all made from real eggs that have been hollowed and hand decorated. They use chicken, goose, duck and even ostrich eggs. You can even buy a plain egg shell to take home and try decorating yourself.


The decoration varies in style and price, with many extravagant, colourful designs. Aside from the hand painted eggs, you can also find a range of eggs decorated with cross stitch and lace.


An American tourist in the shop at the same time as me couldn’t quite believe that they were all made from real eggs and were so delicate and breakable. She decided against buying one as a souvenir because she wasn’t sure she could get it home in one piece. Although they are safely packed up in egg boxes.


I took the risk and bought an egg decorated in a style more typical of Slavic countries. These eggs are first dyed and then a pattern or image is drawn onto the surface with a needle. The shop assistant was keen to emphasise the time and care that goes into decorating an egg in this style.


Find Christmas in Salzburg at Judengasse 13, Salzburg and feast your eyes on these:



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