A very crafty packing list

After weeks and weeks planning a six month trip around Europe the time has come to think about packing. There is plenty of advice available for what to pack for long trips, how to fit it all in your bag and what you will pack and never use. So for my trip I have made my very own packing list, but this is not your average t-shirts and shorts malarkey, oh no, this is a very crafty packing list!

All laid out, ready to be packed

My packing list:

    • 1 homemade weaving loom (an old picture frame upcycled with a little help from my dad)
    • 1 embroidery hoop
    • 1 pair of scissors
    • 1 pair of long-nosed pliers
    • 2 sketchbooks
    • 1 ball of string
    • some thread
    • a few elastic bands
    • a selection of needles
    • 2 pens, some pencils, charcoal pencils and a white pastel pencil
    • a craft knife
    • embroidery thread x14
    • parts for making earrings
    • and a box to put it all in

It almost all fitted into a neat little box (minus the string, the hand loom, the embroidery hoop and the sketchbooks). I now regret not buying the cute little tapestry scissors I saw yesterday as thy would have fitted perfectly!

Ready to go

My biggest regret was having to leave behind all my lovely wool from the Saori Shed.

Biggest regret was not fitting any of these in

So I’m all packed and ready to go (I did also pack some clothes etc. but nobody really cares about that!). So what did I miss off my packing list? What would you take on a six month trip?


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